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Project Development has become my passion in a career spanning eleven years. This passion has brought a realization of a need for heightened skills in computer science and a renewed approach toward coding. This led me to drop my teaching collar and move back to the other side of the desk as a student at Villanova University in their Masters program for Software Engineering. This program is bolstering my skills while I continue to develop Flash, Flex and other types of projects on a expert level. Expert in the sense of always researching to find the best technology available and the freshest techniques to accomplish reusable and flexible projects for future success.

Passion is a word that describes my personality the most. A passion for running has led me to complete nine marathons over a 20 year career that included eight years of cross country and track at Archmere Academy and Marist College. A passion for Philadelphia sports teams has remained unchanged in the 28 years of following the Sixers, Flyers, Eagles, and Phillies. A passion for family has placed a lot of good people around me who support and love me through my search for outstanding projects on the job. This passion has always pushed me toward success in any task set in front of me.

Todd Coulson


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BeginImage.com has been realized. The name suggests building an image or a starting point for a website could be the hardest part of building a site. In fact every image and decision regarding a site is essential to building a site correctly. Site creation takes careful attention to code and design in a mix to create an aura. This combination of design and code is a gentle balance allowing a site’s success. Further, leaning too far toward one side of the design/code scale is likely to have an undesired effect. This site’s name is a mantra through which I have developed my code in an attempt to always try new techniques in order to combine with design in innovative ways. The future of BeginImage will be a showcase for my code, my portfolio, and my experience.